So you want to get started with Print on Demand?

But maybe you're struggling with where to start and you just need a few basics to get you going?

I've got you!

Imagine this...

You're on a beach somewhere enjoying the vacation of your dreams all the while you're making thousands of dollars a day from your print on demand shop.

And you don't have to do anything!

You're free to enjoy you vacation while your print on demand business runs on autopilot!

If that isn't the dream, I don't know what is!

How would it feel?

To own and run your own passive income business. Where you're the boss and you get to sell products without the hassle and stress of inventory, management, and shipping?

To make money in your sleep or on vacation?

To make a little extra money on the side or even make enough to quit your full time job!?

Because print on demand can do that for you and it's done it for me too!

After working with 50+ students - to build and start their dream print on demand business

I've seen a lot of people invest in courses and products that don't get them the end results they desire or don't provide the information they're looking for!

SO - I've developed a no fluff mini course to help you get the exact result you're look for so you can start and grow your print on demand business, EASILY.


Here's What's Included in the Course

You'll get an introduction video with everything print on demand that you need to get started with your print on demand business. From where to upload designs, where to create designs, where to find artwork and fonts, and a step by step ladder for making a print on demand item.

You'll get my introduction powerpoint available to download and keep for future reference.
Step by step tutorial video from beginning to end on how to find ideas, make items, upload designs, and post t platforms.

Printable to organize your print on demand business plan and the direction you're going to go.

I'm ready, let's get started!